How to Survive Google Core Updates – Tips From Experienced Marketers

Google’s Core Update in 2024 had a significant effect on the SEO industry. Even seasoned marketers have considered rethinking their strategies. Some websites have experienced a big drop in their traffic. It had a negative effect on the viability and profitability of several organizations. Still, there are ways to improve the situation and regain the lost rankings. 

Know about the 2024 Google’s Core Update

The March Core Update in 2024 is really significant because the search engine has modified multiple core systems. Its aim is to manage AI usage for spammy content production. Google thinks the update will reduce unoriginal, low-quality content in the SERP. The Helpful Content System has also been integrated into the core algorithm. 

Some low-quality websites had useless content just to match particular search queries. As such websites provide a negative user experience, Google will remove them from the search results.

Find the best ways to restore your website’s position below (and this applies to future updates too!):

Focus on data-based content improvement

As Google has released the Core Update, you should identify the low-performing content. Semrush, Ahrefs, and other SEO tools help you track the rank. You may also use Google Analytics and Search Console to find pages suffering a drop in traffic. Create a spreadsheet where you can compile the pages with low traffic.

Keep your posts and pages up-to-date

Content freshness is an important factor for Google to check relevancy. Google mentioned it in its algorithm in 2010. So, you have to work on pages with inaccurate and outdated content. This effort is highly essential (especially to review sites), because new services and products enter the market every year. However, a minor edit of the content will not impress Google. That is why you must make substantial modifications to get rewarded. 

Write the content focusing on readers, not search engines

Several content developers have become obsessed with the thought of ranking signals. They produce stuff that is readable only to computer programs. However, it is essential to produce content for humans. Google wants to value content created for real people. Excessive use of generative AI results in the production of thin content. The best content is always accurate and well-researched. It needs to be relevant to the topic and easily navigable.

Focus on on-page authority

Develop trustworthy content that helps you build on-page authority. It is essential to add a link to the author’s biography. Try to publish grammatically correct, accurate content for your website. While making any new claims, you must provide references to back them up. You should also incorporate an About Us page with details of your company. If your business has received awards, you have to display them on your site. 

To manage your website content after the update, you can consult experts at the likes of Professionals will check your website and optimize the content. They adjust your SEO campaign strategies to improve your website content quality. SEO experts will also help you with technical SEO services to refine your website’s performance.