Top 3 Games To Play When You’re Bored In Roblox

The Roblox Discover page can be a bit overwhelming. With the platform now gaining so much popularity, there are tens of millions of games to try out. With so many games at a player’s disposal, more time is required to find ones which you like, which can become boring.

If you’re struggling with indecisiveness and feel close to burning out Roblox, let us help you. In this list, we’ve chosen the top 3 games that you can play when bored from Roblox. Let’s go! Save more with cheap Robux gift cards only at U7BUY.


Who doesn’t have fun jumping up and down on their bed throwing pillows at each other, right? Well, what if we told you that players can destroy beds on a much larger scale without any of the real life consequences. That is where BedWars come in.

The objective of the game is for players to safeguard their own bed, while simultaneously trying to dismantle enemy players’ beds. Each team spawns on their separate island, and are required to gather Roblox items which they can use to protect their bed, or exchange for weapons. The last bed left standing (intact, untorn, left un-made, all of the above) wins!

Murder Mystery 2

One of the classic Roblox experiences is this horror “who dunnit” game. Players can enjoy it with their friends or alone as they try to save themselves from getting murdered. They are randomly assigned one of four Roblox roles in the game: the innocent, The Roblox Hero, The Sheriff, or The Murderer. Each role has a different objective.

Murder Mystery 2 offers different Roblox maps and modes that make the game even more fun. Different maps have different hiding spots and different Roblox modes add new roles to the game.

Work At A Pizza Place

The last thing someone wants to do when they’re bored is to act out working at a Pizzeria, right? Not when players have the choice to do wreak havoc at the place they are working at. Working At A Pizza Place is much more fun than it sounds, especially for those who enjoy cooking. Players get to choose from 4 available jobs: cashier, cook, boxer and delivery mule.

Players can live out their dream of being a rude cashier, or the always late delivery mule, without experiencing any consequences. Not to mention the game does not end at the pizza place. Roblox Players are teleported to a ‘Party Island’ after hours where they can spend their hard earned money on having fun.

These were some of the best games to cure boredom in Roblox. Which one of these roblox games cured your boredom? Is there any game you think we missed? How do you cure your boredom when playing games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Unlock new levels with Roblox accounts for sale at U7BUY.

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